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After ADV Films' defunction, Funimation acquired the rights to the newly released Evangelion Movies.

As part of Funimation's goal to get the service of the Original Voice Actors from shows and movies they acquired distributing rights for, Spike reprised Shinji in the movies.

Once an obscure Internet figure promoting white identity, Spencer coined the term “alt-right” - referring to a small, far-right movement that seeks a whites-only state - and rose to prominence during Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The statue has become a rallying cry for Corey Stewart, a Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Although Trump denounced the alt-right, Spencer's followers counted his victory as a win for the movement as Trump espoused hard-right stances on undocumented immigrants, Muslims and political correctness. You will not destroy us,” Spencer said at the earlier rally, which he broadcast via Periscope video. Stewart, who is chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, was chairman of Trump's Virginia campaign until he was fired.

All are vying to succeed term-limited Governor Terry Mc Auliffe, Democrat.

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