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He was held up as a South African icon and Paralympic hero.But exactly a year ago, on the Valentine's Day morning, that image was erased and replaced.

"The handling of the actual placement is an operational matter of the local management, and how they handle it is their prerogative that is carried out in the best interest of all parties concerned, the victims, the offender and the Department of Correction Services," a spokesman for South Africa's correctional services department said in a text message to journalists.

The former athlete will serve the remainder of his five-year prison sentence at his uncle's home in a wealthy suburb of Pretoria, the South African capital, according to officials.

He denied the allegation, claiming he shot her in error, mistaking her for an intruder - a defence he maintains.

After the athlete's initial tearful court appearance, his uncle, Arnold Pistorius, said the pair "had plans together and Oscar was happier in his private life than he had been for a long time."And the night before, Ms Steenkamp had tweeted: But Pistorius still hasn't faced the charges in court.

Reeva's mother June appeared tearful and embraced by family members in court as Judge Leach gave his verdict.

Oscar pistorius dating model

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