Orthodoxy dating

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We have here the texts (or links to the texts) of all Church of England Books of Common Prayer dating back to the first, in 1549 - plus quite a bit of other related material.

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The Georgians' architecture, language, literature, and cooking draw upon Persian, Arabic, Greek, and Russian sources.

Georgians probably developed a national identity around the tenth century .

Even if we exclude Israel from these figures, it takes only eight countries to reach that figure. North American Anglo Jewry (The United States and Canada) comprises 71% of the Diaspora and 46.4% of total world Jewry.

The total Jewish Anglo-Saxon population comprises 76.8% of the Diaspora.

(1901), a "true" copy of the 1662 BCP, without any of the unauthorized changes which had crept in over the years.

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