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When you catch a wave and you’re completely in the moment and you don’t think about the other shit that’s been spinning around in your head all day.

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This provides the film with an interesting internal conflict: Scenes of the ship facing down a Portuguese naval blockade or of Gomperts wading through protesters in Morocco make for great cinema, but it’s in the far less glamorous sequences of training sessions in Tanzanian villages that the org seems to be doing its real work.

For her part, Gomperts speaks eloquently of the boat’s symbolic value, as well as the ways fear of backlash can prevent activists from taking the steps needed to spark real change.

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A fast-growing IT company has moved to a new home in the county as it aims to double in size by the end of the year.

“Vessel” ought to be a conversation-starter at festivals down the line, with a possible theatrical release on the horizon.

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