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Make sure you’ve installed both applications before continuing to the next step.

There are two ways to connect Smart Cam to your computer; Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth. First open Smart Cam on your Android phone, press the menu button on your phone to show the available options, and select Settings.

as a novelty, We include the ability to connect to the Chat with Video Chat all users of Android, always using Chrome or Firefox, previously this was not possible as we used Flash Player, which it is not available in Android, and is a significant improvement since now all Android users can connect to our Video Chat as users of desktop and is a meeting point for both.

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Download oo Voo and be a part of our community: Connect with friends, create group chats, meet new people and discover amazing stories.

oo Voo is avilable on desktop, tablet, mobile and the web - plenty to choose from.

Skype offers an app on Google Play that claims you can use it to make free Skype-to-Skype video calls, in addition to regular text chatting and voice of course.

However, when I installed the app and tried to initiate a video chat between my Android and our home PC (using two different accounts obviously), I had the hardest time to get the PC Skype app to see the video stream from the phone app.

This desktop client is available for Windows and Linux computers.

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