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Is it enough to talk about miracles without discussing what it means to then sanctify the identification of those miracles in real ways?

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If we are lucky, we may help families see modern messages in ancient narratives. Is teaching someone to make challah or latkes enough?

But are we passing on the greater meaning of the whole endeavor of Jewish living? Once the person makes them, do they automatically feel the meaning behind cooking that food?

– insisted that Jewish traditions be incorproated into the ceremony? However that sentence should have ended, that's all we had to go on.

On Monday, we tweeted, hoping folks might know more details about the weekend's wedding. Forman, a graduate of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Learning in Cincinnati, Ohio, assures that the ceremony contained the typical elements of the Jewish and Catholic wedding ceremonies. The couple got married under a beautiful chuppah, made of natural branches with a cloth covering,” he said.

Debriefings and coaching are provided immediately after each simulation to facilitate learning about pediatric advanced life support.

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