Online dating for hunters and fisherman

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But after bouncing from Seattle to Texas, he finally made his way back to Philadelphia.Goose Gossage The Goose has no time for lame singles hitter who celebrate too much on the field or for relief pitchers who can't pitch more than one day in a row.

As outdoorsmen we are all often faced with others that have strong opinions of what we do and how we do it.

There are always those that do not agree with the way we spend our time in the outdoors.

showcase exactly what you'd expect: attractive single (and often shirtless) fishermen posing with their catch.

Do you find this sort of dating profile photography alluring? Here's a selection of the fishy photos all the same, because your decisions should be informed:1.

Newly inducted into the baseball hall of fame, Gossage could still strike out the side in the bottom of the ninth. Chipper Jones Jones has been the face of the Atlanta Braves since 1993.

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