Online dating clowns

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It's on a Friday afternoon—prime time for people looking to make weekend plans.

But thanks to some rare talents and ubiquitous technologies, he’s also a star in the bedrooms of others—and a helpful guide to the joyful, lusty life of the truly modern hedonist. Dave* just got here, hasn't even sat down yet, and already his cell phone is interrupting with a text message.

Guests trickled out after a farewell brunch Sunday.

There was also entertainment by in-demand DJ Cassidy — who has spun discs at the White House as well as at Jay-Z’s house — and a Motown band.

Skimming back through the messages, he reviews: They've been married since they were 19 and have three children, with one son still living with them, and they work together at a retail store.

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