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In many fields, gender equality remains just out of reach.

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On the first day of an elite MBA program, students were asked to fill out a questionnaire about desired compensation, hours of work, and days per month of travel.

When the single women in the group did so knowing only a career counselor would see their answers, they responded like the women in relationships did.

Although they are still popular with tech types—Julian Assange, the mercurial co-founder of Wiki Leaks, reportedly once maintained profiles on dating sites under the name “Harry Harrison”—they now attract millions of people from many walks of life.

Com Score, a research firm, says Match and Zoosk, two large dating services based in the United States, saw 4.6m and 4.8m unique visitors respectively come to their American sites in November 2010.

But as these women make strides to crack the glass ceiling, there is also evidence that successful women face stigma for their achievements from male partners (and potential male partners) along the way.

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