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Along with routine operator inspections, a periodic maintenance visit can avert costly damage and down time when your equipment is needed most.With our competitive pricing this maintenance will reduce the need for costly emergency repair visits by means of thorough inspections and adjustments by trained professionals.

ANZ has admitted to 10 instances of attempted cartel conduct and has submitted to the court to pay a penalty of $9 million and contribute to the ACCC's costs, while Macquarie is facing a $6 million penalty and costs.

Both banks have accepted a series of facts the ACCC has put before the court.

The action taken by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleges traders at both banks engaged in cartel conduct in attempting to influence the daily rates used for currency trading.

The allegations date back to a series of trading days in 2011.

Some taxes (such as inheritance tax on the real estate, VAT on the initial purchase price of the real estate, or transfer tax, annual immovable property taxes, and municipal real estate taxes) cannot be avoided or reduced, as these are levied by the country the real estate where the property is located, and hence need to be paid just the same as any other resident of that country.

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