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Friendship websites can introduce you to women friends, couples, people who are interested in keeping fit, and much more.While these sites can connect you to potential friends, it's still up to you to build an offline friendship.

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However, with workload being increasingly spread more evenly between men and women, this expectation can no longer be met and this can cause feelings of inadequacy.

Also, with unemployment in Western economies rising, and people being replaced by machines in a number of professions, this role has become increasingly difficult to fulfil.

Common sense says that platonic friendships are possible.

Men often feel more comfortable disclosing intimacies to women than to men because many were raised, particularly at an early age, primarily by mothers and women teachers and because of the way men are socialized to compete with other men. It never crossed my mind to ask her to go to bed with me.' Even my wife thought I was dating her. She talks to me about her boyfriend, and I talk about my girlfriend." David spoke of not being able to be friends with a female when he was younger but that now he has developed the capacity for such a relationship.

The main way in which masculinity can be harmful is because it generates unrealistic expectations and ideals.

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