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I was tested specifically for chlamydia, gonorrhrea and syphlils. I would have felt more comfortable if the clinic had collected the sample from my rectum because I didn't think that I gave enough of a sample. Yes, since you never had anal sex in the past one year, you should have tested negative for chlamydia. To answer your question, I've never had any previous history of unprotected intercourse.

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All the results came out negative, except for the rectal test. At any rate, the clinic treated me with a one-time dose of antibiotics and wants me to come back and re-test within 3 weeks, providing that I avoid all sexual activity. When it comes to other infections though, since there was no unprotected intercourse, you should not worry. both chlamydia and gonorrhoea if diagnosed early, can be treated easily. I realize oral sex definitely carries risk, and I need to be more careful.

I'm just wondering how I could have tested positive for rectal chalmydia. I was just really surprised at the positive rectal chlamydia result, but after what you explained to me, it's definitely a possibly that the guy I was seeing could have touched my anus with his penis.

The chlamydia bacterium first infects the cervix (the passageway which joins the vagina and the uterus).

Symptoms of a chlamydia infection may include vaginal discharge, bleeding between periods, painful urination and stomach pain.

Chlamydia is the most frequently reported sexually transmitted bacterial infection in the United States.

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