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1 biological imperative—not only of men, but the human race as a species.Basically, we live to reproduce and further the human race, and the rest of our lives are what we make of it.

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Brendan Maclean, “House of Air” (extremely NSFW)I cannot stress enough that, for now, this video should not be viewed in any public setting unless maybe you’re at a sex party or just really don’t give a fuck about making other people uncomfortable.

Brendan Maclean’s “anthropological study of gay semiotics, , and sexual behaviors” — a.k.a. This video got banned from You Tube and Facebook for its explicit depiction of the history of gay men initiating and having sex, which includes all the things you think it does, plus probably some stuff you’ve never thought of at all.

The first notion I expected to find proven true was the belief (right or wrong) that sexual activity weakened key muscles used in either boxing, MMA, or other combative sports like wrestling, judo, etc., Doctors Ian Shrier (a sports medicine specialist) and Emmanuel A.

Jannini (a professor of endocrinology) seem to agree that there is no actual proof that sex before athletic events, including those of combative sports, have any kind of diminishing effect on an athlete “The second was is that it could affect your psychological state of mind.

She first described her encounter to the New York in May, and then gave a more extensive interview to NBC.

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