red jacket kris and stephanie dating - Nicholas hoult dating riley keough

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Jennifer has suspected Nick of cheating on her with Riley for a while now, flirting with her in public after the Met Gala is the ultimate slap in the face.We also can’t forget that Hoult has been spending a lot of time with Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, and they even went on a sushi date together!Rumors have been flying about the couple's relationship problems, but Lawrence recently told Marie Claire she and Hoult trust each other.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks now that there was trouble in paradise, and the once happy couple was on the rocks, and considering the media frenzy surrounding Hoult’s latest behavior there is probably some truth to those rumors. Magazine, Nick spent a weekend in New York City flirting with everything on two legs. that “Nick is ready to move on, he was partying hard in New York and chatting up every pretty girl in every bar, and Jen’s furious.” Apparently one of those “pretty girls” was none other than Nick’s “friend” Riley Keough, insiders have been buzzing about Nick cheating on Jennifer with Riley for months now.

If there was a pretty girl within a five foot radius of Nick Hoult at any time, he made a point of chatting her up and flirting. And, Riley and Nick are even rumored to have hooked up after the Met Gala, and spent the night together and were seen shopping together the next day.

And to never jump in a shower after a girl's been in there.

It's guaranteed to be scalding hot." And Nicholas credits his parents for giving him "realistic expectations" about what married life is like.

He said at the time: "Of course there's always going to be speculation.

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