dating in tel aviv - Nfusion epg not updating

by  |  21-Jul-2019 12:26

nfusion epg not updating-72nfusion epg not updating-26

I can't believe that VM allowed the most important part of Ti Vo to fail. I've also had no guide update since Thursday morning.

Have managed to get FTA channels via terrestrial aerial.

However if I run the updateepg from within Next PVR at that time, the channels are then populated. Running isn't going to do anything but update your xml file. It's not going to read that file until next time it does it's EPG update.

I have an issue where the EPG/Guide is not updating with new content unless I restart Kodi (currently restarting via crontab as a workaround).

There is an issue somewhere which VM are aware of which means all Ti Vo boxes not to be updating listings at present. I've no problem loosing my recordings as all I have is season finales.

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