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The showrunner was Ben Wexler, also an executive producer. Each half-hour episode includes two eleven-minute segments.

Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe wrote, "The script is built on viral-video-sized gags wrapped in teen-boy fantasies about strip clubs and dangerous women with big breasts. It makes all the interactions implausible (unless the viewer is an egomaniac)."s Steve Heisler gave the show an F and wrote, "Secret Girlfriend is hardly a comedy show; hardly a 'show' for that matter.

When we went live, I made sure that there was nothing visible of my home or of our personalities in the frame.

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We have been married for 10 years, and while most people say time depletes sexual chemistry in a couple, ours has been an active and healthy sex life. It's quite like Facebook with one difference - this is a sex site. We had two options - either we could go live publicly [anyone who logs in to the site can watch] or invite our friends on the site to watch.

The show features the viewer as the "star" of a dating satire, with the show's actors addressing the camera as if it were the lead character.

Secret Girlfriend originated as a web series created by Jay Rondot and Ross Novie, who are executive producers on the TV adaptation.

Mandy takes you shopping for bras, and ends up dragging You into a changing room to give You a blow job.

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Weekly features of the science center include hands-on experiments and story-time.…
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Through the court proceedings, Soo-Ha falls in love with Hye-Sung. Likewise the male lead who doesn't really stand out. Because it's the only one drama wich i followed from the first episode till the last episode. When i watched other drama it lasted one or two eposides, because all of them make me slept. I mean even my mom who hates k dramas likes this drama and park soo ha! this way you will be able to appreciate the drama universe interconnection more :) OMG tis is the best drama ever.. I love the music its really be mentioned the actors they were too good and I want them to act again.the court scenes are jus mind blowing..…
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