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In the ‘Task’ Ribbon, and in the ‘Schedule’ section, click on “Mark on Track” Microsoft Project automatically caculated the percentage completion for Task 3 to 40% based on the Duration of the task and the Status Date.You can repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the tasks that need to be updated this way. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.

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Hello, Whenever i want to fill in a number for percent complete to a task i have a problem.

I can't fill in a number for percent complete, but this does not happen to all tasks. Can anyone tell me why it doesn't happen to all tasks. if you can send your project file and offending task number we can check it out. There are a few things like Summary tasks will update % complete when the child task is updated.....

Is there a setting / Tool or other feature I need to be using? If we fill that information in, Project will split task 2, and move the second part of the split (the remaining 50%) to start on Thursday.

As a result, Thursday's task moves to Friday, and our Friday milestone moves to Monday and we can clearly see the project completion will be late by a day (1 day's slippage).

Once I've set up my baseline, I like to use the Tracking view to see schedule slippage (ie: is a project going to be "late"? The problem occurs when I'm updating the % Complete, but a task that was supposed to be complete (or in progress) has not been started yet, so I leave it at 0% Complete.

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