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I repeatedly told him I have no interest in it and I would never do it, only a mff (male female female) threesome.

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After that, I have had two more DP's and I never make them use condoms. It would be very possible that if the guy really turned her on, that she would easily take up time with him behind my back.

I love the feeling of cock in me without the latex feel. This post has been edited by gonewild: Mon Sep 15, 2014 PM I think about 3somes a lot. I am open minded and always wanted to have 3ways with girlfriends but only if I trust them to only see it as a one time thing and not even really think about being into the new guy. Me and the wife have had 3 MMFs so far in the past month, with 2 diff guys, the first guy was kinna bad at pleasuring her, the second could do better.

This was my idea and I really trust my wife of 6yrs, after all, I taught her to squirt an give her trembling full body orgasms repeatedly, and can fulfill her pleasure like no other before, so yes I trust her, I don't think anybody could pleasure her more than I can, even with a bigger cock, even tho I am 7", I want me and a guy to do a double facial in her and her gulp it all up and swallow it!! I'm not understanding the "they have to wear a condom because of STDs" then the "they can cum in my mouth"..... This post has been edited by Spookshow Baby: Mon Jan 14, 2013 PM The only threesomes I've been in is with my husband and his friend. Because I knew him well and the fact that I've been on the pill forever now, I let them both cum inside me.

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