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Often called the "Venice of the North", Stockholm lies on a number of islands and peninsulas at the outflow of Lake Mälar into the Baltic, which here forms a deep inlet.The charm of its setting lies in the intermingling of land and water - the skerries fringing the coast, the crags rearing up from the sea, the intricate pattern of waterways encompassing the city.

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Because there is much debate between these 2 schools of thought, it is important to research both. I'm not well versed on Druids or Druidism so I have enlisted help for this section.

I would like to make a special dedication and huge Thank you to my friend Curtis (Thunder Wolf) and especially his friend Mark (Senior Druid) for all their help with this section.

Both Midsummer and Fourth of July are associated with heavy drinking.

In fact, Fourth of July is one of the deadliest holidays in America due to alcohol-related traffic accidents.

For centuries at Summer Solstice, people stayed up all night, dancing around bonfires and rolling burning wheels down the hillsides, to honor the sun.

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