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by  |  19-Jun-2019 11:46

So for our E5450 (E0 stepping SLBBM) with a CPUID of 1067A, here are the LGA 775 and LGA 771 microcode files with a CPUID of 1067A:: MMTOOL will only open BIOS files that end in . Do this for all of the microcode files that have your processor's CPUID.You should have set these aside in an earlier step.

When working without console access it is a bit alarming when the switch doesn't come back online at all for 30-40 minutes.

How can I determine in advance if a microcode update will take place so that I assess and expect the correct outage period?

iucode_tool provides an example mechanism for downstream release management to avoid this -- which assumes that Intel has not dropped any microcode newer than 2008. shows that microcodes can (and indeed are) updated on every boot. If so, to my latest knowledge the mainboard vendor supplies these with BIOS/UEFI updates.

You might find that those are sometimes signed, so don't allow any persistent modifications.

Xen was later enhanced through the 4.5 release with 'ucode=scan' support which makes use of the new Linux early microcode format, for details refer to the Xen 4.5 command line documentation, Xen commit 155587481e392e4261038364e2761aab27f597ed, and Linux documentation Documentation/x86/

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