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Scratching beneath the surface, I found a very thoughtful man - educated and practiced in business (MBA from Wharton), and well versed in the language of love.Much of Savoy's wisdom, however, is earned through practical experience.

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Additionally, they have a few other ebooks, including a very popular pair of ebooks on routines.

These books are great for somebody who really needs routines to get going, but they should be used in conjunction with a more solid, theoretical background.

After all, I have been quite social myself, yet my own dating experience does not hit those numbers.

Surprisingly though, I found that we agreed on many of the social dynamics of love.

Which means, that no matter where you’re at right now – from a complete beginner who’s never been laid, through to someone with a bit of experience – you can immediately hard-wire the exact same tactics, techniques and confidence of these ‘gurus’ directly into your brain, attitude and personality.

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