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Fortunately, if you're having these issues, once you're aware of them you can change your situation by consciously acting in a different way.If someone has few or no friends and rarely goes out they can understandably feel embarrassed and want to hide it.Matthews is funny, intriguing, eccentric, articulate, a talented artist — all qualities that many people find appealing.

Making her victims believe they had found love, Akintaro asked them to send her money for travel costs and rent so they could meet up, only to later make excuses as to why she couldn’t attend the dates.

A third man in the “appalling” scam was left waiting to meet Jenson in a London airport, only to be told she had been held up by a customs official and needed him to send more money before she could be released.

He is a quality brand struggling with the economics of the dating marketplace.

In that sense, “Aspie Seeks Love” is as much a critique of American dating culture as it is a portrait of high-functioning autism.

There is a universality to the suffering captured in “Aspie Seeks Love,” a new documentary by Julie Sokolow that premiered at Cinequest over the weekend.

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