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Messenger, culminating in the Gmail-like web archival and indexing of chat conversations through Yahoo! Instead, a separate Adobe Flex-based web messenger was released in 2007 with archival of conversations which take place inside the web messenger itself.In 2011, Messenger 11 Beta began to archive past messages on an online server which is accessible through the client.However, every time we try to stay pure we end up slipping up.

A special version was designed to exploit the new design elements of Vista's Windows Presentation Foundation and entitled a whole new user interface and features.

It lacked some basic functions such as webcam support and Chat, and has since been discontinued.

Flickr went the opposite way of Instagram a number of years ago, dumping an irritating new look on us with the expanded contact photos view.

I prefer the older desktop versions, and rarely use the app because of this.

The good news is that the problems with Yahoo Answers are a big part of the appeal of the site.

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