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It is a pure proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, except for the initial 14-day proof-of-work period that generated a total of 16 million coins by mining - using the X11 array of hashing algorithms. The proof-of-stake stage carries a 2% percent interest rate on staked coins and the total coin supply is set to 22 million.

IOCoin comes with an interesting innovation called IONS (I/O Name Server), a feature that allows sending and receiving payments by using a registered user name.

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I know it's easy to say this is common with other world coins but Japanese coins?

I/O Digital Currency (IOC) is a decentralised cryptocurrency forked from Novacoin in July 2014.

I was paging through the upcoming Monthly Internet World Coin Auction and came across the auction’s small but intriguing Japanese section.

There are several coins from the Ministry of Finance gold auctions; the best American comparison would be the GSA sales of silver dollars, in that a long-term government holding of its coins was offered to the public, though numerous details (method of sale, etc.) were necessarily different.

I came face to face with temptation, in the form of light breadsticks dipped in chocolate. I’ve previously referenced my fondness for the video game series Final Fantasy in the blog, but I also pick up the odd manga title, such as Detective Conan, a mystery series featuring a teenaged investigator trapped in a first-grader’s body.

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