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In the first season, it serves as a spot to reminisce about the good-old days growing up in New York (shortly before Vince is set to return home to shoot a new movie).

) by the finale, so I guess we can be happy for him. Johnny and Turtle have suffered plenty of humiliations over the past eight seasons, but they've finally hit paydirt.

Vince and Ari convince TV exec Phil to forgive Johnny for striking against "Johnny's Bananas," and after Vince promises a hefty donation to Phil's favorite charity, Phil agrees to greenlight the miners movie with Johnny in the starring role.

Probably, but at this point, we should take what we can get.

Let's get the least interesting storyline out of the way first: Vince is still smitten with the beautiful and intelligent journalist Sophia, and he had the vain idea of making a home video comprised of his ex-girlfriends talking about how great he is.

Jamie-Lynn wore a pair of Joe’s Cropped Ex-Lover Jeans in Gemma wash.

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