Ivy league alumni dating

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I juggled varsity cross country and track schedules, newspaper staff, and my church’s youth group and drama team. The right college, I thought, was one with clout, one with a name.

It didn’t have to be the Ivy League, but it needed to be a “top school.” Looking back now, nine years later, I can’t remember exactly what was it about these universities that made them seem so much better.

Date My is a website founded in November 2010 by two Columbia University MBA classmates, Balazs Aexa and Jean Meyer, to help college students meet both within and outside of their own schools.

As Hannah Miet wrote in last year, "Date My School offers a highly selective shortcut to love for students who are fluent in social media but too entrenched in their studies for much of an actual social life." It seems that the site has been a success.

These similarities can be race, religion, or relevantly, education level.

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