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And when I finally sat there with one young lady, and took out my camera, I saw an indescribable terror in her eyes. I began to understand what greased its wheels - persistent poverty, demand and corruption.

I understood the culture, the rawness of our ways, the dark humour of our days. It happens not only with me but also with everyone. I went to shelters; I met with lawyers and social workers. I pulled out a notepad instead and listened to their stories. And over time, I started piecing together the reality of sex trafficking.

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Discover what this storied city has to offer with the . With many historic attractions to visit by day and a vibrant nightlife after the sun goes down, nothing gets the attention of tourists hoping to maximize their trip abroad like a short and memorable . Tourist traffic covers every inch of cities like Istanbul, a particularly tourist-friendly destination.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet A 33-year-old woman from New York City named Sarai Sierra went on a solo trip to Turkey to practice her hobby of photography and to take photos of the wonderful city of İstanbul. It is a common belief that the backstreets of İstanbul are not a safe place for women, especially if they are tourists.

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