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Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is serving a five year jail term in Iran after she was arrested while visiting family last April and accused of being a ‘Western spy’.The 38-year-old’s daughter Gabriella, who was on holiday with her at the time, has been living with grandparents in Tehran ever since while her husband, Richard, campaigns for her release from their home in London.

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However, despite a concerted effort to raise the profile of the charity worker’s case, there has been no open condemnation of her imprisonment by the Government and an appeal was turned down last month.

But now a petition has been started urging London’s Mayor to condemn the dual British-Iranian’s imprisonment before the screening of The Salesman in Trafalgar Square on February 26.

Yet each man invariably thinks that his own plots and intrigues are the acme of human ingenuity, wholly unfathomable by the rest of mankind. The first day of Nowruz, the traditional Persian New Year, is a kind of nationwide family get-together in which families visit each other's homes throughout the day and into the night to eat, sit, and talk.

LADY SHEIL, WIFE OF SIR JUSTIN SHEIL, THE BRITISH AMBASSADOR TO IRAN, IN 1856 Whenever I think I understand Iran, it throws me a curve. It is the day that is most universally celebrated throughout the country, the beginning of thirteen days of joy surrounding the spring equinox.

The first party was an elegant buffet lunch and a lively political debate for about thirty people at the home of my close friend Fereshteh Farhi, a microbiologist whose husband, Farhad Behbahani, is both a chemist and a political writer.

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