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by  |  06-Dec-2019 02:00

It has several features including the ability to hide chats from people you don't want to confront, create a dark room and chat using a different avatar, and express yourself with memes in the chat room.

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However, social media is still growing, providing new apps specifically designed for video chatting.

Leading the charge, recently released “House Party” is changing the way we video chat.

Video chatting is gaining increasing popularity as one of the best ways to visit and stay close to the special people in our life.

Skype and other video conferencing services are still popular–both for casual visits as well as for formal business transactions.

You can see what's going on in your nearby area, chat with others, and even comment on other people's posts without letting anyone know who you are. You can private message to connect with others, and tag your friends anonymously so they can get in on the action.

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