Japon sex video - Invalidating session in jsf

by  |  26-Apr-2019 18:22

What am I supposed to do to make sure get Remote User() returns null after logout? I hit the do Logout() method, after it's complete, I hit the get Logged In Username() and it returns the username of the guy who was logged in (even after the session.invalidate was run). Ensure that you're redirecting the request after invalidating the session.

invalidating session in jsf-48

I get the message: After reload I see the login page.

I get this message also, when I try to call the same page manually to get the new language in the whole page.

The pre Render View event will be used when webapp1 Log Out page is being rendered.

It will still be accessible in the current response, but it will not be there anymore in the next request.

Without the redirect tag in the navigation rule, the tomcat try to map to invalidate.xhtml because this is the default suffix of facelets. It' s not a very fine Facelets / My Faces / ICEFaces Solution, but it works.

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