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This way, if the demon barfs, you won't get hit nor poisoned. In this phase, you're fighting the Demon Prince, which is always burning.

However, if he alowly rises on his legs while rising his arms, that meens he wants to slam you, so turn around him, and dodge if necessary, then go back to his face. Simply repeat the strategy for the burning demon by staying under or behing his legs, as his physical attacks will be almost if not the same.

Some special monsters (or possibly just all Notorious Monsters) are intimidated less than your normal-monster intimidation rate would predict.

So far, the assumption is that Notorious Monsters are intimidated only 2/3 as often as normal monsters (and you receive only 2/3 of the normal damage boost, etc.) When a monster is "intimidated," it is essentially forced to abort whatever action it was taking.

Since that time, some of their more minor benefits have been added back in through gear like Ferine Gausape 2, but "intimidation" remains the most important aspect.

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