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WHEN your doting father is a screen legend with a palatial estate in the hills above Hollywood, and your loving wife is one of the most beautiful women in the world, you might think that life would be one long smile of contentment."My life had stopped working," he recalls, as he sips mineral water in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, his expression rather weary.At 45, he looks like a man whose body is still undergoing rehabilitation from the hardships of a misspent youth.

Screen hero Sir Roger Moore, who died last week aged 89, was everyone’s favourite James Bond — and as charming off screen as he was on it.

Here, in the third and final part of our serialisation of his wickedly deadpan memoirs, he reveals how a young Joan Collins escaped the clutches of a Hollywood tycoon and tells the story of when an Oscar-winning actress took to wearing his underwear... ‘I’ve always been a big fan.’And with that cautionary tale fresh in my mind, I’d like to share a few stories with you of my favourite co-stars and movie chums. I have known Joan Collins ever since the days of pool parties at the palatial Kent home I shared in the Fifties with my second wife, Dorothy Squires. Joanie in a bathing costume made quite an impression on some of the male guests, I can tell you.

Peck was catching some rays on a bench in Manhattan Beach when our photog raised the issue of helping Drake score some quick cash. Bell's in the hole to the tune of $581k -- and claiming he pulls in an anemic $2,820 a month compared to his monthly outlay of $18,771.

Since their Nickelodeon show went off the air in 2007 ...

He is fit and tanned, but his face is so long and lean that it looks almost gaunt, with tired eyes and grooves running down his cheeks.

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