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And of course we all know the sexual exploits of the cunning Odysseus.

Same theme with Theseus, who according to both literary and historical record was an arrogant jerk.

He needed Ariadne’s help to get out of the labyrinth but when his use for her was done, he abandoned her, pregnant no less, on the island of Naxos after getting her drunk on the way back to Athens from Crete.

There are plenty of Southern European and even Middle Eastern cultures that resemble the Greek family dynamic. Did the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding teach you nothing!? However, if you’re inching towards your late 30’s, you need to become WAY more open minded on your Greek preference. If it sounds like I’m bragging, it’s because I sort of am.

My uncle re-married a Lebanese woman, who’s Orthodox Christian too, and excluding the fact that my life has more hummus and pistachios than before, you would think she was Greek! We even belly danced at their wedding to music I could have sworn was Greek, but instead Arabic. Our Greek culture quirks like cracking red eggs and lamb spits at Easter, our relationship with the “koinotita” or our local Greek community, the absolute need to go to Greece every summer, our non-negotiable stance on our future children to go to Greek school and Greek Dance and GOYA… What’s the point of looking for Greek sperm if you don’t have access to it, or worse – when you do, you can’t even use it? It’s not because he’s Greek, but because he’s got everything I was looking for as the future father of my children; children that would have ended up in Greek school and Greek Dance and GOYA because they’d have me as their mother, regardless of who I picked as a father for them.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this: Just because a man is Greek doesn’t mean he is going to be a great boyfriend, a great husband, or a great father to your kids.

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