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Drummer Bill Kreutzmann said "We didn’t want to work with Keith Olsen again, but we had to keep our promise to Clive Davis and have someone in the producer’s chair – so we hired Little Feat’s Lowell George." Drummer-percussionist Mickey Hart had a greater influence than previously, earning three co-compositional credits in addition to assisting with the arrangements of several songs, including Garcia and Hunter's title track (influenced by his interest in the Bee Gees and disco).As with the previous album's "Terrapin Flyer", Hart and Kreutzmann wrote a percussion-based instrumental track ("Serengetti"), recording it at the compound of medicine man Rolling Thunder, in Nevada.

Hart's reggae-informed "Fire on the Mountain", with lyrics by Garcia's writing partner Robert Hunter, evolved from "Happiness is Drumming", which appeared on his Diga Rhythm Band's 1976 album.

She and the three friends she was with each took a piece of her camera and hid the pieces inside a pants leg or elsewhere on their person. Jennings' Canon into Pittsburgh's Civic Arena for a concert by The Grateful Dead, so she could photograph the famed San Francisco improvisational rock band. Jennings, then a University of Alabama student, had shot plenty of bands in Tuscaloosa, including college radio stars R. Coming up on 30 years since her first Dead show, on a recent muggy afternoon Jennings is seated on a comfy chair in her South Huntsville home.

This was her first time shooting The Grateful Dead though. She had started listening to The Dead's music because the guy who lived next door to her in Tuscaloosa was into them "and I was totally into him, so I sent away for tickets and invited him to the show," she recalls now.

Her fluffy cat Sampson, named for the Dead song "Sampson & Delilah," is chilling on an adjacent end table.

As per Dead Essays, Duane had high praise for the music of the Grateful Dead unlike ABB drummer Butch Trucks. As far as Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia could walk on water.

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