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by  |  22-Aug-2019 12:35

But it never gave me any errors before recreating the gh-pages branch, it just wouldn't update. The problem was that my website was publishing from the gh-pages branch, but I was pushing my recent changes to the master branch.Check which branch Github is publishing your website from.

If I remember correctly, I solve this by deleting the branch from the server and pushing it again: Thanks for this - it's the only way I could figure out what was wrong.

When I re-created the branch, github then notified me that the problem was that a submodule couldn't be updated, so I removed it as a submodule and committed the files it contained instead.

The File downloaded locally from the Remote Server do not show any changes which i had done locally. The File changes done are not reflected when opened in Notepad.

Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar When you push a file to a remote git repository, it becomes part of the git repo there and you can't possibly download it directly using FTP. I assume that you've tried a 'git reset master --hard' or 'git reset --hard' ?

A .nojekyll file wouldn't have prevented this build failure, but it may help you avoid them in the future. Best regards, John 1: “Page build failed” is not a very precise error message, and the list at is very general.

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