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Check out some advice from some of our users on how to have anal sex! Image Source: i Stockcarrie95 said, " Engage in foreplay. I'm super tight at the entrance, so I have to stop once the head gets in so I can adjust/relax.sweethoney said, "Two words: Use Lubricant." If you don't want to be in pain (and let's be real, you probably don't) you're going to have to use a lot of lube in order to make it more comfortable. Once I'm relaxed and he gets up inside, it's good (can be soooooo good), but it takes time/patience/effort to get to that point." Any time you're having sex, foreplay is the most important thing to remember.littlestblue: actually following a "tip" that they asked for 30 seconds ago, for no more than 30 seconds.

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