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They claim that their research has been largely ignored and snubbed and other paleoethology centers have actually refused to test their findings by replicating the carbon dating results.

While the team said that their findings had been published in scientific journals in Germany and Italy, the scientific community in the United States has completely refused to publish any of their work on dinosaur bone dating.

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To their absolute astonishment, they claim, the bones appeared to one be 40,000 years old.

The team has expressed a great deal of disappointed with the broader scientific community’s response to their incredible findings.

Now, maybe that saying obtains more in the villages and less in Tbilisi or maybe the various people who told it to us had just pulled it out of their asses, but the ninety-something of us who came in group three all heard that (and various other nuggets about the medieval Georgian mentality towards women and sex) a number of times.

For the audience I was expecting – a few volunteers and their parents – the post was probably sort of unremarkable. I think that a lot of it was not really directed at what I was saying in particular but at the fact that I was a Westerner and I had written about Sex in Georgia.

I clearly remember sitting in Gldani at the computer desk – I remember pulling the couch over to the computer to watch TV, or a chair from the kitchen when I was doing something more interactive and wanted to sit up.

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