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This means that you can run it as a matrimonial site, only with Male-Female (Female-Male) or as a dating site (Female-Male-Couple) with multiple categories (Friends, Sex, Swing etc)* Abuse on an account (reporting)* Preferred person description (only on Matrimonial site type)* Contact and FAQ page* Drop down menus for profiles, editable from language file.* Different quick search and search depend on site type (Matrimonial/Dating)* 2Checkout, Pay Pal and Terra Payment compatible* Internal Messaging System (like e-mail)* Payments can be enables or disabled* TRIAL accounts (no posting allowed)* Payment reminder on TRIAL accounts* Wizard based installer* Based on HTML TEMPLATES, easy to modify at your convenience!

We have compiled the results of surveys and data on password choice to reveal this list of the world’s most popular passwords that should be avoided at all costs.

The first thing we noticed was that no lowercase characters we present in any of the plaintext passwords.

· Your birthday/anniversary/pet’s name – anything directly associated with you does not make a good password.

· Beckham7 – Don’t write passwords associated with things you like.

The majority of cracking was done using ocl Hashcat, part of the Hashcat password cracking suite. The dump shows that the passwords were stored in a non-salted MD5 format.

While this is far better than storing plaintext passwords, it's also far from best practice.

The Internet Engineering Task Force is marking HTTP 418 as reserved, cementing "I'm a Teapot"'s legacy for a long time to come.

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