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Jason, 31, and Garcelle, 44, had dinner together at Dominick’s in West Hollywood on Saturday night.Don’t get ahead of yourselves though…Here is what we’re told about the outing: “Jason looked really into her,” a witness says.“When I started in the industry as an actor, people thought, ‘Models — can they walk and talk at the same time? “It’s okay now to have both worlds come together.” Beauvais’s successful 30-plus-year acting career has included such memorable roles as Fancy, Jamie Foxx’s co-worker/dream girl in “The Jamie Foxx Show” and Valerie Heywood, the assistant district attorney and love interest of Henry Simmons’ Det.

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before anyone discovered the talents this exotic beauty possessed.

As I was driving to Fort Lauderdale, where this agency was I stopped at a red light, and I was checking my makeup on the outside mirror, and I got some lip gloss on the seat next to me…

so I reach to get the lip gloss and all of a sudden there was a hand in the car, which startled me. She was the owner of the agency that I was going to see…

And, she said ‘you should come see me, I’m a modeling agent.’ You couldn’t have scripted that.” So, at age seventeen, Beauvais convinced her mother to let her move to New York City to pursue fashion modeling and her career took off. Eventually, Beauvais made the transition into acting and appeared in over 13 films and 35 television shows, but she’s best known for her roles as Francesca “Fancy” Monroe on The WB television sitcom, Beauvais has been very vocal about her fertility challenges in trying to conceive her twins, and even after going through 3 miscarriages and a failed IVF treatment she didn’t give up, in fact, she tried for five years before her little blessings were conceived. Every month you’re like ‘Am I (pregnant), no I’m not’…” It’s also a battle she never thought she’d go through since she had already given birth.

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