Games dating makeover 5

by  |  18-May-2019 04:38

Derek is her boyfriends and they love each other very much.She just got back to the dormitory and she wants to get ready for the date but she doesn’t know what to wear.

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Some makeovers can be extreme and change a persons look entierly, it's almost like you can't recognize yourself after the makeover session.

Practice your makeover skills on beautiful models, celebrities, dolls, teenagers, boys and girls or even upload your picture in some games that will allow you to test different crazy makeup styles and haircuts to see how pretty you would be by wearing them.

You don't need to cut your hair to see what hairstyle you like best, because you can do that in our fabulous hairstyle games category.

Make up games are top priority for us here at, because we know how much girls of all ages love to play with cosmetics to create stylish looks.

You, being her friend and colleague, offered your help.

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