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Next, Vanessa called Bryce and, well, gave him a piece of her mind.

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By Susan Elliott for Your A big, looming question after the breakup seems to be, "Can we still be friends? There are several reasons for this, but first and foremost is that even after the most amicable breakup, the people involved need some time so they can work through their feelings and sift through the ruins of the relationship.

Even if it was not an emotional high-wire act, as many breakups are, there needs to be time apart to break the bond of "the couple." Each person needs to separate and go back to being an individual and lose the "couple" identity.

Each person needs to do their work and become an individual once again.

Each needs to deal with the breakup in their own way, apart from the scrutiny of the person they just broke up with.

Vanessa and her ex, Bryce (I'm changing all the names in this saga, btw), had dated for almost two years, but broke up this spring because he "needed space to find his own happiness."Vanessa was heartbroken, but gradually--thanks to a big career boost and the support of her awesome friends, natch--things were looking up.

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