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But you'd have to sign up for Office 365, which just last week had an outage for several hours in some areas.

The free Skype Meetings is a way for Microsoft to lure small business customers into using its services by offering them a taste through this lighter version of the tool.

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Typing out your conversation in a chat room allows you to easily feel comfortable with the person on the other end.

This is because you can talk to them from the comforts of your own home, your sanctuary where you feel most secure.

You may feel as if you are incapable of developing a lasting relationship or friendship with those like yourself.

Communicating your wants, needs and fears to those around you can leave you feeling like you are overexposed and your privacy have been violated.

Hangouts, however, lets you video chat with up to 10 people forever, unlike Skype Meetings, which downgrades you to three after the first 60 days.

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