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Although you now know what your father’s assertive, yet loving, advances feel like, your new CEO thinks you’re the witty one in the office. As your father whispered in your ear, “I love the way you taste” moments before going down on you, mom helped your trivia team take home 2nd place by remembering that David Robinson was the 1994 NBA MVP –phew, close call! Although your back now bares the scratch marks of your father’s experienced hands, mom definitely moved your relationship with Stacy in the right direction!You should be truly grateful this body-switch thing happened.

With endless enthusiasm and innuendos, Hardt explores the “salty erotica of the deep,” from barnacle boners to the mass simultaneous orgasms of coral (take notes, gentlemen).

We called up Hardt to learn how her insights into deep-sea sexy times can inform and improve our own sexy times. that when mandarinfish mate, they must first match by size.

There are many different types of sexual personas that people take on when they enter the bedroom, but some people are way more…or less…inhibited than they think. Kudos for being comfortable with your own sexuality—no matter how bizarre your desires—but your sexual deviance can be a turn off to most and probably illegal in most states.

So, which type of freak-a-leek do you morph into when the lights go out and the clothes come off? If not for fetish sites you probably wouldn’t have hope for finding someone just as weird as you to accommodate your far-out fantasies or have a place to get your rocks off. #You Nasty Sex with you isn’t exactly “bad,” it’s just not mind-blowing.

Indeed, in the diagram the squids appear to be joined near one of their heads.

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