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This began on September 19, 1985, when representatives from the PMRC, three musicians—Dee Snider, Frank Zappa, John Denver—and Senators Paula Hawkins and Al Gore testified before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on "the subject of the content of certain sound recordings and suggestions that recording packages be labeled to provide a warning to prospective purchasers of sexually explicit or other potentially offensive content." Paula Hawkins presented three record covers (Pyromania by Def Leppard, W. Like John Denver, Snider felt that his music had been misinterpreted.

He argued that heavy metal was different from earlier forms of music such as jazz and rock and roll because it was "church music" and "had as one of its central elements the element of hatred." Dr.

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Additional suggestions from the PMRC that appeared in an article in the Washington Post included: printing warnings and lyrics on album covers, forcing record stores to put albums with explicit covers under the counters, pressuring television stations not to broadcast explicit songs or videos, "reassess[ing]" the contracts of musicians who performed violently or sexually in concert, and creating a panel to set industry standards. In August 1985, 19 record companies agreed to put "Parental Guidance: Explicit Lyrics" labels on albums to warn consumers of explicit lyrical content. Consequently, a great deal of time and energy is spent trying to get at what is being kept from you." When Denver came up to give his speech, many on the PMRC board expected him to side with them, thinking he would be offended by the lyrics as well.

This article led to the removal of rock music and magazines from American stores including Wal-Mart, J. Before the labels could be put into place, the Senate agreed to hold a hearing on so-called "porn rock". Dee Snider, frontman and lead singer of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister, testified that he "[did] not support [...] [RIAA president] Gortikov's unnecessary and unfortunate decision to agree to a so-called generic label on some selected records".

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