Female medical students dating

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I remember (and my wife can confirm) sleeping through dates in 3rd year.We went to a party with my former co-workers - the first time my she met them - and I fell asleep on the couch. If it's a 3-month surgery rotation, it's quite understandable.A significant percentage of medical students suffer from anxiety disorders because of the long term effects of stress on emotional and behavioral symptomatology.

You cannot possibly date a medical student if you don’t have enormous amounts of patience and tons of good and fun hobbies to keep you entertained wile your future doctor of a lady love is busy with her med-school life.

And I tell you honestly, she’s going to be a lot of that – busy.

Do not expect them to drop everything when : You’re in school. If something should change, let your partner know ASAP.

That person has a life, a job, friends, family, and feelings too. This should include all exams, study groups, study time, rotations, interviews, study time, study time, study time.

And I got in touch with a dating coach I know rather well for some advice, because honestly, I’d normally suggest if you’ve been planning to pursue a lady who’s in medical school: don’t.

Female medical students dating

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