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(b) The facts supporting this determination may be reviewed by any court having lawful jurisdiction.

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This subpart sets forth the text of all FAR provisions and clauses (see 52.101(b)(1)) and gives a cross-reference to the location in the FAR that prescribes the provision or clause.

As prescribed in 2.201, insert the following clause: Definitions (Nov 2013) When a solicitation provision or contract clause uses a word or term that is defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the word or term has the same meaning as the definition in FAR 2.101 in effect at the time the solicitation was issued, unless— (a) The solicitation, or amended solicitation, provides a different definition; (b) The contracting parties agree to a different definition; (c) The part, subpart, or section of the FAR where the provision or clause is prescribed provides a different meaning; or (d) The word or term is defined in FAR Part 31, for use in the cost principles and procedures.

In January, 1997, within a month after the religious exemption was added to CAPTA, the Christian Science church got HB1104 introduced in Maryland that exempted believers in spiritual healing from all civil and criminal charges regardless of the harm to the child, using language taken verbatim from the new federal law. Also in 1997, Oregon enacted a religious defense to first- and second-degree manslaughter.

In 1998, Washington enacted the following defense to criminal mistreatment: “It is the intent of the legislature that a person who, in good faith, is furnished Christian Science treatment by a duly accredited Christian Science practitioner in lieu of medical care is not considered deprived of medically necessary health care or abandoned.” RCW 9A.42.005.

By far the most galvanizing and most widely reported legislative battle of the past two years was Wisconsin Gov.

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