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At a community college, students are attuned only to getting through college as quick as possible; grades and overall quality of school work don't mean much to many of my schoolmates just as long they earn higher than the grade of an F.

To say the least, I yearn for the normal college dorm life and get-together study groups because most students at LCC also work full-time and are extremely busy to worry more about school.

2-Star hotel need to have a good accommodation and well-equipped bedrooms, each room must have a telephone and attached private bathroom.

3-Star hotel has more spacious rooms, decorated with high-class decorations and furnishings, and a color TV. 4-Star hotel is much more comfortable and larger with excellent cuisine provided (table d'hote and a la carte), room services, good furnishings, and other amenities.

Before you begin, I must point out that I was a transfer from another 4-year university to Lansing Community College (because of financial difficulties) and hope to transfer in the fall of 2012 to another 4-year institute.

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