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The missing-persons case has been investigated extensively over the decades and several theories have been voiced about what happened on March 30, 1936.

According to a report in the late 1990s on CBC Cape Breton's Information Morning radio program, a newspaper story at the time said the couples' boat was found upside down in the Bras d' Or Lake with a hole in it, but their bodies were never recovered despite extensive searches, suggesting the occupants all drowned.

However, later private investigations turned up evidence that they had made it to shore, leading Eskasoni residents to believe their relatives were murdered, their bodies possibly buried underneath Route 4, which was under construction in 1936. 28, Joe Michael, a retired RCMP officer and grandson of Joseph and Kate — who was eight months pregnant at the time — plans to hold a re-enactment of that fateful boat trip, followed by a funeral service at 10 a.m. With that ceremony, he hopes to release the spirits of his grandparents, their unborn child and his great-aunt and -uncle, and to help other family members move on from the tragedy.

“Barely any of them speak it.” Kirsten was sitting with Karlee Johnson and Lana Gould, all of whom are fluent speakers and graduates of Eskasoni’s Mi’kmaq immersion program.

Thirteen years earlier, the three Grade 12 students from Chief Allison M.

She didn’t know because she, like many children of her time, grew up in a home, filled with her extended family, where English wasn’t spoken.

And the few English words she had learned before going to the English-speaking-only school were taught to her by her mother, who didn’t explain their meaning.

The next stage involves a year-long research cycle that will monitor and measure heat efficiencies and crop production.

Eskasoni dating

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