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This is truly a service to humanity and I applaud your work. Nevertheless, some of your other products are at a great low price. What I value most about this site is the sheer comprehensiveness of it. I like the full in-depth reviews of the products with additional user reviews. That's also GREAT if there's a small comparison to other similar products inside the review.I've been checking it out for a while (after stumbling on it accidentally) and I'm impressed by the sheer volume of information. The sheer amount of information and clarity of the reviews.Ive read all your material and followed your techniques with much success these last couple of years. But how about all the other guys shes talking to in town that you dont know about?

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Yeah, it was politically incorrect, but it sure as hell was funny and I bet some guys out there wish that was actually in style. ) Aside from it being funny though, it made an argument: man is the dominant species; and back then there was some degree of truth behind it. The unspoken rule then was that women were the housewives and it was the men that did the real work. More of them are entering college and assuming bigger roles in the family and household. This change has been a long time coming, and rightfully so. One day I aimlessly wandered into a thrift shop and on their $1 bookshelf I uncovered a rather interesting specimen: Naturally when I uncovered interesting books like this I’ll stop, give it a little flip-through, and put it back. Most dictionaries will cram columns of words into one page with short little sentences afterward, but is not most dictionaries.

They were football-playing, drive-in-loving, T-bone-munching powerhouses. But has this change impacted how we men look at relationships? But I’d never come across a book on relationships before so I plopped down on a nearby armchair and opened up. For a one dollar-book I’m likely to find either something amazingly insightful or bizarrely awful. It’s a 200-page book with I’d say close to 200 definitions, roughly one definition per page.

First I read reviews of products that I already have, just to get a baseline.

Then I read the reviews of products that I was thinking about buying.

You may have noticed over the years that I cover a lot of topics that don’t seem to fit squarely in this blog’s mission statement of helping nerds date better.

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