Dobro dating

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The Dopyeras turned the resonator upside-down and modified its V shape into a W, connected to the bridge by a long screw through the center.

A radiating spider carried the sound from the bridge to the edges of the cone.

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Dobro dating

The history of the dobro is a labyrinthine nightmare, one that is only sketchily documented and based on sometimes contradictory sources.

Personally, I wish both you and I could skip this section and go on to the next, but I've got to stick with it.

April 11, 1995 The sixth member of the bluegrass family of instruments (the orphan child that Bill Monroe still refuses to recognize) and the only one invented in America, the dobro is still the least understood. " indicate the average picker or onlooker doesn't know much about the dobro. This essay on dobrology will, I hope, fill in some of those knowledge gaps, but most of all may help you, as banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, or fiddlepickers to interact with those of us who, as Waldo Otto of the Trailblazers likes to say, "have a metal block." And at the end of this essay you'll find a list of recommended readings.

" or basic questions like "Say, how do you tune that thing, anyway?

If folks there can't date it, it probably can't be dated...

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